Friday, January 13, 2012

Food, food, food.

I was going through my old memory cards and found pics from Tristan's first birthday! Here's one of him putting he head over the heater vent at my mom's house. It would blow his hair all over the place and he thought it was hilarious! Boy, he had so much more hair at one year than Rowyn!

And here's my little Booger boy tasting his first birthday cake. I remember for the longest time I was worried that he wouldn't be able to have any cake for his first birthday. He absolutely LOVED it! I wish he still loved food this much. We've been struggling a lot with food. It's so frustrating when he used to love it to now have to constantly find way to get him to take bites. We are changing things up this week. I'm going to start cutting back on his tube feedings to see if we can get him hungry, and hopefully start eating some more food! His feeding therapist wanted us to start doing intensive feeding therapy and cutting back his feeds. I told him I had done what he was describing at home before in the past, with success. Of course that was back when Tristan still liked food. So our conversation quickly went from talking about us being at Children's as often as possible - for every meal if we could - to canceling our future appointments and him telling us to call in with updates. I definitely looking forward to not having to drive up there all the time, but I'm worried how Tristan is going to do this time around. Keep your fingers crossed that he'll decide he's hungry and wants to eat lots of food!!

Lil Miss is STRUTIN' HER STUFF! She walks EVERYWHERE now! And boy is she getting good. One day she just started standing up randomly, then the next day she decided she wasn't going to crawl anymore. She would stand up, walk two or three steps, fall, stand up, repeat. lol. She still falls frequently, but her coordination is getting much better!

She definitely enjoys her food. She's lost over a pound in the last four weeks, tho. I'm hoping it's just because she's walking now, and because she was sick, and that's she'll start bouncing back. The last few days she has been holding steady, so at least she's not going backwards!

I always worry about their weight, how much food they are eating, how many calories... and then there's me. Eating too much. Gaining too much. I guess I am just making up for them. I haven't weighed this much in over six years.. even when I was pregnant. I have an appointment with my midwife in a couple of weeks. I started gaining a bunch of weight just after I had Mirena put in. I'm going to have her take it out. When she put it in my goal was to lose 30lbs over the next year to get my PCOS symptoms under control. Now  I need to lose over 60. How frustrating is that!?

Now that my bronchitis is getting better I am going to start working out again. RJ's doing good with his new job (I love him working in town! No more constantly worrying about him driving in crappy weather and what time he is going to make it home. We see him MUCH more often, too.) He's getting a family membership for us at the Y... hopefully we can make this a family thing! Tristan is almost old enough to start enjoying all of the sports and activities.... Tumbling, wrestling, martial arts... Which should we chose!?

I am making some Feeding Tube Awareness hair bows and flowers! Here's one on Lil Miss. I plan on stocking as many as I can this Sunday @ And be sure to check my Facebook for sneak peeks as I get things finished! I can't believe Feeding Tube Awareness Week is almost here!

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